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My  policy is to treat my patients as I would my family. I will offer a high-quality, friendly service in a gentle, caring atmosphere. My patients are the heart of my practice and the reason I am here. At all times my patients will be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. Being of service to my patients is the definition of my purpose and the mission of my practice.

“Dr. Frost is known for being attentive and for providing a high-level of service to his patients.” - Garland K. Davis


What does your smile say?

In a recent survey, 92% of North Americans agreed that an attractive smile is an important social asset, and 74% thought that an unattractive smile hurts a person’s chances of career success. But only half of us surveyed were satisfied with our smile.

Your smile is without doubt one of your most powerful possessions. Smiles are such an important part of communication that we recognize them far more than any other expression. Only 7% of communication is the words we choose, 35% of communication is the intonation and the way we say things and the final 58% of communication is the nonverbal communication (facial expressions, body language and physical appearance).