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Empowering learners and teachers in mathematics.

Supporting learners all the way.

  1. Catering for learners of all ages with 1000+ question generators and 40000+ exam questions for broader practice.
  2. Supported with full workings and worked-example videos.
  3. Sequential and scaffolded learning via courses crafted in-house, by exam boards and by schools.

Supporting schools and teachers.

  1. Set and monitor work, either with fixed questions of your choice, an exam past paper, or flexibly adapts to each individual student.
  2. Advanced data analytics allow you to identify class misconceptions, see task performance by topic, see student working and provide formative feedback to students.
  3. Create worksheets to export to Word.
  4. Thousands of downloadable teaching resources, used in tens of millions of lessons worldwide.

A charity serving thousands of schools worldwide

We believe in high quality education for all individuals and institutions regardless of income, centred around the philosophy that education is a fundamental right of all and central to addressing social inequality on a global level.

"Our Maths Progress 8 score has risen from 0.5 to 1.2 in the last three years and I think that the website has definitely contributed to that success."
Rushey Mead Academy
"My child has been disinterested in maths at best - DrFrostMaths has completely changed their attitude to the subject. The format of questions and example videos has allowed them to self study, and for the first time they're enjoying maths and even going as far as saying how easy it is, given their new found understanding. Your site has been quite likely life changing for my child."
Email from parent

New to DrFrostMaths?

  • A PDF guide to what DrFrostMaths offers to school maths departments.
  • A 'Getting Started' presentation to assist you in explaining how to use Dr. Frost to students.
  • A 'Getting Started' Guide for teachers, explaining all the basics.
  • Recording of a training event, detailing set up, setting/monitoring homework, generating worksheets, reports, and 'DFM Live!'.