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The Riemann Zeta Club is a lunchtime Maths enrichment club, run at Tiffin School, for Lower Sixth Form students (and Year 11 students). The sessions are intended for able mathematicians, and the content is aimed to provide sufficient grounding to effectively tackle Senior Maths Challenge, British Maths Olympiad, Maths Aptitude Test and STEP problems.


SMC Resources

These are the last 10 questions of all Senior Maths Challenge papers from 2004-2012. Note that the answers don't have explanation. If you're really stuck, you could always find the full solution at www.ukmt-resources.org.uk. Note that precisely 50% of the questions were on Geometry alone. Thus the key to SMC high scores: master the Geometry questions!

Tiffin students: Use our UKMT database instead (please ask for login details if you have not already been provided with these).


Location: Room 57 Fridays at 1.05pm