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School Settings

The teacher that is first point of contact for your school.

UK1 uses Reception and Year 1-13. UK2 uses 1st Form and so on for older students. UKSixthForm restricts to Years 12-13. You can also choose the native year group namings for a variety of other countries.
If you wish to allow multiple extensions, separate with the word OR (uppercase), putting the preferred one for registration forms first. Specifying email extension(s) allows DFM to detect whether students have used a personal or school email address.

If no restrictions, high-scoring students may appear (first name only) in the global leaderboard. You can also prevent students seeing any leaderboards internally in your school; this will also hide their global rank for points.

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Audit Log

This log show records any setting of homework and deletion/modification of tasks, classes and user accounts.